Can Someone Have Too Much Happiness?

Can Someone Have Too Much Happiness?

too-much-sugarKenny Rogers once sang that too much sugar and too much wine is not good for him. He said there is nothing like too much love. Well, there might be nothing like too much love, but there can be something like too much happiness. The Yorubas have a saying, “Hardship does not kill, but too much happiness kills”. When someone decides to grab all the happiness available, whether they are attainable or not, whether they are beneficial or not, then he or she is asking for too much happiness.

What situation can lead to someone having too much happiness?

When your happiness constitutes nuisance or danger to your life and that of others. On the New Year day, three young men were too happy celebrating. They were on a motor bike, all of them drunk, driving recklessly on the road while still drinking from beer cans in their hands. They narrowly avoid collision with an oncoming vehicle, swerved off the road and end up in a ditch. They spent the rest of the celebration in the hospital.

When you take other people’s happiness in addition to your own. A 60 years old man decides to marry his mistress of three years, a university undergraduate. He left his wife and two children and moved in with the young woman into a rented apartment. He was not content having extra marital affairs undetected, but he had to go ahead and break his home to get ‘more’ happiness. By so doing, he wants too much happiness and went for it. By so doing, he got what he wanted, but he took away the happiness of his wife and children

When you cannot manage the happiness that comes to you. A beautiful young woman from a poor background got married to a multi-millionaire. The girl could hardly believe her luck. She was so much carried away with her new status and the vast amount of wealth at her disposal that she started being snobbish, just to exercise her new power and authority. She was harsh and dictatorial to her domestic servants. She orders and bosses around the waiters in restaurants so much they dreaded her being around. She snubs close friends and family members. Her husband became irritated with her new found obnoxious habits.

When your happiness makes you proud. Many of us know the story of Haman and Mordecai in the the bible (The book of Esther). Haman had received so many promotions and favours from the king of Persia that he became too happy and subsequently proud. He wants everybody to bow to him. He was so full of himself because of his closeness to the king. At the end, he was hanged in a gallow. Too much happiness kills him.

Are you happy? Do not blow it out of proportion. When you are happy, sing and make melodies to the Lord, and praise Him for His goodness to you. Go on an extravagant spree of generosity or philanthropy. I am sure you will not regret it if you spread or share your happiness.


  1. Are you condoning extra-marital affairs?

    You don’t know how unhappy the marriage may have been for both the man and his wife.

    They may have been downright miserable.

    Surely the wife would not be happy with a husband who is conducting an extra-marital affair?

    The first requirement of happiness is to be happy with yourself.

    The people who let pride sully their good natures can’t have been happy within.

    I don’t think one can have too much REAL happiness.

    Live Life Happy!

  2. Author

    Thanks @Jacqueline for your comment. It opens a new window of insight.
    I’m not condoning extra-marital affairs, but just trying to illustrate how someone may want to grab too much happiness.

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