Fire in My Bosom (Poem)

Fire in My Bosom (Poem)

I feel fire, fire in my bosom
passion-heartMy heart aches, ache for freedom
My heart beats beat in Desperation
Oh desire..! Filled with anticipation
Thoughts of you consumes the depth of me
Love for you is all my heart’s eye can see
I feel fire, fire in my bosom.

Tried to shut it out, but can I?
I can’t put out this fire
I can’t hold down this desire
Your flame burns bigger and brighter
It rises stronger and better
With heat so fervent, beat so ardent
Is this ‘cute lust’ better still ‘True love’?
Craving to be with the one I Love.

Your voice so dear
Fills me with passion so rear
Your heat extends into my marrow
Far beyond my thoughts of tomorrow
Oh giver of life and love Divine
Keep this flame of love of mine
Let me burn with love divine
As I hold on to what is thine.

Author: Queen Esta


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