Keys to Quality / Meaningful Relationship

Keys to Quality / Meaningful Relationship

Quality RelationshipThere is a common saying that “No man is an island”, which interprets to mean that everyone living has a relationship with at least one other person. It is one thing to have relationship with others, but it is another thing to have a meaningful or quality relationship. In the midst of a multitude, it is possible for one to be alone. There is a difference between an acquaintance and a friend. The difference is in the quality of the relationship between the two. Quality relationships are grown and nurtured, they are therefore not automatic. Consider this if you want to create and maintain quality or meaningful relationship with others.

Love for People

You must have a genuine love for people for you to have a meaningful relationship with others. You must love people for who they are and not for what you can get from them. Treat people right; treat others the way you want them to treat you. When you do this, people will equally respond to you in similar manner and hence it will enhance the quality of your relationship with others. Ever wonder why some people spent their lives in loneliness and misery? It is because they failed to build meaningful relationship with people when it counts most.

Serve People

Make serving people your priority, whatever you do in life. Try making impacts on people, not just incomes. Do not be always money-conscious in your dealings with others. If you demand pecuniary compensations for all you do for others, then they owe you no obligations at the end. You already have your rewards. If you treat people right, they will remember it and come back. If you make serving others your goal, you will always have meaningful relationships with others.

Meet Needs

All over the world people are full of needs. All you have to do is to open your eyes and see needs around. As you meet people’s needs, you are making positive impacts on their lives thereby creating a qualitative relationship with them.

Forgive People

Forgiveness is the greatest of all gifts. When you learn to forgive others, you are making friends for life. It is impossible to deal with people without forgiveness. In people’s interactions with one another every day, there are many causes for offenses. When you forgive others easily, they will like to remain your friend.Good relationship is the key to success in life.

You have to work on your relationship for you to succeed in whatever endeavour you are into. Don’t spend your time complaining that people do not like you. Find people and like them; they will like you in return.

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