There is Reward in Loyalty

There is Reward in Loyalty

rewardsNever let loyalty and kindness leave you! Tie them around your neck as a reminder. Write them deep within your heart. Proverbs 3:3

As workers who tend a fig tree are allowed to eat the fruit, so workers who protect their employer’s interests will be rewarded. Proverbs 27:18

The law requires an employee to be loyal towards his employer. This means that an employee must:

    • Be honest with his employer while he works for him
    • Use good judgment in his role as an employee
    • Put the interests of his employer above his own (avoid conflicts of interests)
    • Protect confidential information

The duty of loyalty is based on the idea that an employer should be able to trust an employee both at work and outside the workplace. An employee must respect his duty of loyalty regardless of the industry he works in or position he has.  However, if an employee has heavy responsibilities within a company, such as a management position, his duty to be loyal may be greater. Giving employees empowerment and job enrichment makes their job more desirable to keep. If an employee sees they are moving up in a business and are valued for their work they are more likely to stay for the long term and employee loyalty is increased within the company. Employee motivation is important in any company wanting to succeed as unmotivated staff are more likely to leave.

Great ways to motivate employees and boost employee loyalty to a company are through incentives and rewards. If an employee has been with the company for a set amount of years then they should be rewarded for their loyalty. Rewards ought to be personal to the individual employee, as a result the company is showing they care about the individual within the organisation.